Path Of Exile Is A Great Alternative For Diablo Lovers And Genre Fans

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The journey to exile is officially open. Crazy monsters are waiting for the heroes who have read on the coast of the Wraeclast continent. Even though you are beginning to be a scumbag, this country is popular and maybe even more like the burning that left behind the third Diablo. There are several reasons.


Path of Exile smells or better said than Diablo. This means that it has the traditional elements of hack & slash, or action RPG, that Blizzard North has met in the nineties. But it is not one of the twelve clones that we have since gotten out of punishment. This competitor needs to be taken seriously because, in addition to dynamic improvements, it also brings new features. And while it is tempting players to buy pets and secondary supplements, substantial content is free and free of limitations.



The hero is chosen from among several archetypes, but they are not critical to the next game. More than choosing a witch or templar, it depends on your choices when raising the level. In a truly robust tree of abilities you have no limitations, just striding paths on which you turn in any direction. Based on that, you collect the harvest, the passive abilities and bonuses that make up your personality. The magical character can become a valiant warrior with a heavy sword, just when you put the experience points into the power and the mastery with the two-handed weapons. And to make it better, the bonuses that add extra mana for each kill. Hundreds of possibilities allow you to form a truly individual hero that no other player has.


Acquired capabilities allow the use of a rich array of weapons, individual armor parts, and especially gems, which are the only source of advanced attacks and spells. Color jewelry is embedded in various parts of the equipment and becomes active. The zombie stone turns the dead to the undead minions. The boom will allow a large sword, hammer or ax to cut a few opponents at once. Fire traps burn victims to throw them under your feet. Other stones will multiply the effect of these and other abilities, or add an aura that reduces mana in the stack but adds elementary attack or protection to heroes and allies. Used gems gain permanent levels, improving the effects of the attacks and the spells they conceal. In addition, they can be removed and replaced at any time, so the range of abilities changes. Convenient control allows you to assign three different mouse attacks and other abilities to the stones with the key.


The lifespan of the character depends not only on the points of life, but also on the energy shield, which is continuously renewed. The hero's belt holds five vents, which have a traditional feature to curl up, add a hand or accelerate movement, but add durability or short-term bonus. But they are not single bottles, but bottles that only count as much as they need for regeneration. In addition, enemies are still being added during the killing. They are therefore eternal, sometimes even with a special effect, and you do not have to buy other odors that would take up inventory unnecessarily.


From combat you will bring a lot of magnifying glass, including a variety of unique equipment that you identify with the wraps of wisdom. In a town with NPCs and merchants, you return via activated points in the field or using portals. The money in Path of Exile does not exist, instead exchange exchange works well. Things you sell for new rolls or their parts, runes, rings and fragments. You then use to convert ordinary magical objects, to change the colors of stone holes, or to improve the quality of the armor. You can also re-invest them if you see an elite bow or other appetite at the merchant. Surplus can also be stored in a personal chest whose content shares all the characters you create.


The game is divided into three large-scale acts, from one zone to another. Open spaces with freedom of movement are combined with maze and temple corridors. Hordes of enemies are a joy to destroy, thanks to their abilities and spells, as well as the possible combination of any weapons in each hand. The process sprouts tasks that are aimed at killing bosses and searching for important items. The most interesting of these are the search for three bandits. You can kill them all, or you can help one of them, and according to which, you will get a bonus in the form of a permanent life, many or resilience. Sometimes they are a rewarding stone with skills or books that add points to new abilities.


To be able to play, you must log in to the servers you share with other players. However, if you are not in a group or community, other heroes will not be knocked into battle and meet them only in sites with NPC characters and merchants. Communication is aided by chat and info table where you can join the game. In case you want to measure your strengths with players, you can later use the PvP mode where individuals, triple or six-member teams stand up against each other. Another form of competition is short-term events and long-term leagues, where the country's practice is enriched with extras and the players are evaluated. When you dominate, you will use altars that temporarily add some force to you, and you will be killed by meteors or enemies. In Nemesis, the monsters will be strengthened, and you will lose the first death, but the character moves to the standard mode.


Path of Exile is a dignified competitor for Diablo III. Certainly, the story of the deer and its spectacular discourse with pre-scene scenes is not overcome, but it has something to do with it. The form of gaining passive skills and changing the active stones is more fun than the strictly limited occupations in Diablo III. Satan has an out-of-the-ordinary character development and builds on the traders' possibilities. By contrast, you form an exile hero according to your will and its effect depends only on you and the combination of the Path of Exile items you use. That is why the fight in Path of Exile is more dynamic and the variability of inspirational capabilities. However, after long hours of play, which does not support a strong story, there may be a stereotype.


Two-sided exile weapons are randomly generated mazes. They dynamically change the level, so they're never the same, but they are reset shortly after you leave. Many tasks take place in several instances, and then you have to go back to where they started. But this whole area looks completely different. Repeated mapping and re-searching for an important place or person is quite annoying.


While Diablo III, in a deep maze, is reminiscent of the colorful coloring, exile cells with limited surveillance in the dark, act really impatiently and aggressively. In addition to the underground, you will also visit many well-prepared open spaces, and you will also enjoy the burning enemies who have been envious of you, the glistening helmet, but also the gulls that you show off on the beach. Servers are no longer unstable, as a few months ago, but in a third act game lagged places, which led to the unnecessary deaths of my character.


Path of Exile is a great alternative for Diablo lovers and genre fans. It is definitely the equivalent of a Blizzard series rival who, in search of a new way, gets rid of the elements he loved on the player. The exile from Grinding Gear Games will not bring you a story, you barely remember it, but the blood of the enemies in which your sword plucks does not wash you long enough.

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