The Release Of Path Of Exile Content Update Bestiary

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Recently, the content update "Bestiary" (3.2.0) for Path of Exile was released on PC. The size of the patch is about 3 GB. The Xbox One is to be supplied a week later. The update and the corresponding challenge league revolve around hunting, catching and collecting beasts.



The developers continue, "If you need a few fresh character slots for the new league, it's fine, because they're on sale right now, but you still have some time left, as the offer lasts two days, along with other daily specials In addition, if you still want to get hold of one of the 'Fire and Ice' Mystery Boxes or the Abyss Brimmed Hat, these items will leave our store as soon as the Bestiary League goes live."


While we're at it, we'd like to make it clear that during the first week of the league, beast trafficking between players is still disabled. We want to make sure that community trading sites can cope with these new items and test them sufficiently when we're ready to release them for trading. This week, when it is not possible to deal with beasts, it helps to prevent players who can not judge the relative value of a beast from being scuttled, while the relative values of beasts in the beasts can not be ripped off.


Since the release of Path of Exile on Xbox One and in China, the number of players has almost doubled, according to Grinding Gear Games. More than 3.5 million players have played Path of Exile since the update "The Fall of Oriath".


Bestiary Update:


"The Bestiary League: In the Bestiary Challenge League, hunter-gatherer Einhar Frey teaches you how to catch and sacrifice beasts to make powerful items.

Capture dangerous beasts: With Einhar's support you can capture every beast in Wraeclast. Once you master the noble art of hunting, you can even capture legendary beasts that are extremely rare and unpredictable.

Extend Your Bestiary: Einhar's Lifetime Achievement is the Bestiary, a comprehensive book that classifies and describes the existence of wildlife in Wraeclast. With every captured beast your progress in the bestiary is recorded.

Fill Your Menagerie: Your captured beasts can be kept alive in the menagerie until you are ready to sacrifice them on the Blood Altar.

Make Beast Items: Sacrifice your trapped beasts on the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful items using special recipes. For the strongest recipes, you must capture and defeat the rarest and most dangerous beasts.

Destroy the Spirit Beasts: Use your Bestiarium workbench to open a portal into the spirit world to kill one of four different spirit beasts. These challenging battles reward you with valuable unique items and new customization options.

The Uber Elder: Having corrupted the Shaper's Guardians, the Elder now has enough power to subdue the Shaper to his will. Defeat both in the center of the Atlas of the Worlds, mastering the most challenging content in Path of Exile.

Revised Ascendancy Classes: Each of the 19 Ascendancy Classes has been thoroughly redesigned to ensure an equal level of performance. Many of the ascendancy classes have been updated with new mechanics that allow for new builds.

Three New Gems: Content Update 3.2.0 includes three new gems: the skill sets Spectral Shield and Tectonic Strike, and the new support system Summon Phantasm on Kill.

Fated Unique Items: We have 30 new unique items of Fated that can be earned by fulfilling Prophecies of soothsayer Navali. These items are evolved versions of their original counterparts, offering new modifiers, opening up many new build possibilities.

And much, much more: Content Update 3.2.0 also includes a new quest in Act 10, 29 new unique items, 10 new divination cards, and many more."


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