NBA 2K23: How to Get and Use Playbooks?

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NBA 2K23: How to Get and Use Playbooks?


The playbooks massively aid in strategizing and planning for a match in NBA 2K23. So, it is crucial to find out how to obtain the playbooks and which are better than the others. This guide will let you know how to get & use playbooks and the best playbooks to use in NBA 2K23.

What are Playbooks in NBA 2K23?

It is a tool that will be very useful when you want to give a strategic and tactical approach to your games. That's where using a good playbook comes in handy.

How to Get Playbooks in NBA 2K23?

To get Playbooks in NBA 2K23:

1). You first have too is go to the Auction House to get the books.
2). To do this, ensure you have collected 30 "Unlock Auction House" cards from packs in MyTeam game mode.
3). Now head to the Auction page and look for the 'Search' function.
4). By default, it is set to search for 'Players.'
5). Switch it over to 'Franchise' to find Playbooks.
6). Select the playbook you like and use your NBA 2K23 MT coins to obtain it.
7). With the playbook acquired, you are ready to practice it on the field.

How to Use Your Favorite Playbooks in NBA 2K23?

It's your job now to experiment and try out the different playbooks and player combinations available in NBA 2K23. Ensure that the playbook you equip has enough plays and variations to keep the defense guessing for the whole game.

Experiment with different plays from different playbooks to find out which ones work the best for you, and the best place to do that is to use the 2K University. In the University, you can practice the different plays, timings, and play calls of a playbook to find out which is the best for your NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

What are the Best Playbooks in NBA 2K23?

Following are the playbooks to use in NBA 2K23:

1). 1996 Chicago Bulls Playbook

First on the list is nonother than the legendary 1996 Chicago Bulls Playbook. If you're specifically into playing with post plays or wide winger plays, this playbook has got your back on that. In addition, this book sheds light specifically on the isolation plays that you can properly follow and execute by having elite one-on-one players on your team.

2). 2013 Miami Heat Playbook

Two on the list is one of our favorites, the 2013 Vintage Miami Heat playbook. This book comprises 45 plays with special guidance on areas like three-pointers, pick-and-roll, and isolation.

3). 2003 Dallas Mavericks Playbook

On the list is yet another legendary playbook. 2003 Dallas Mavericks is an absolute need for players. This Playbook is well-balanced, team-oriented, and plays into the 'classic basketball' trope it was known for at the time. There are 41 plays to offer a wide variety of options, and the sheer versatility is an excellent reason to invest in it. Admittedly, it is on the pricer side, but the investment is worth it.

4). 2008 Houston Rockets Playbook

If you feel overwhelmed by Playbooks, this might be the Playbook for you. Unlike most, this one has only 17 plays, but those present a deceptively wide variety of options for your team. To get the most out of the '08 Rockets Playbook, your team should have a solid three-point shooter and drive-the-paint player.

5). Golden State Warriors Playbook

The best Playbook from the current era of the NBA, the Warriors Playbook offers a wide variety of plays, with a whopping 47 packed into it. This book also offers significant guidance for Point Guard players to score 3-pointers, and if you're all about that play, you're in for a treat.

This concludes our guide on how to get & use playbooks in NBA 2K23. Do let us know what your favorite is by commenting down below! Also, be sure to check out here for the latest updates on the game.

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